Thoth & Isis Egyptian Spiritual Sacred Geometry Psychedelic Pyramid Trippy Visionary Space Planets Hermetic Home Decor Pillow

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Room accents shouldn't be underrated. These beautiful indoor pillows in various sizes serve as statement pieces, adding your personal touch to the style of your home.

About the Painting:

Thoth and Isis are the two main characters of this painting containing many symbols of Hermeticism. The planets are visible in the night sky as Thoth the Egyptian god of writing, science, music, math and number pens one of the legendary Emerald tablets.  The Pyramids are plainly visible in against the night sky back drop.

The right corner of the painting is inspired by the famous "Flammarion wood engraving" depicting a traveler peering through the veil of mysteries into dimensions beyond our current physical reality.

Below Isis has her wings outspread a 7 pointed heptagram surrounds her heart representing the 7 laws of hermeticism. A rainbow aura surrounds her Egyptian serpent crown as her rainbow body is fully expressed.  

Both Thoth and Isis hold Ankhs showing their immortal status. On the left side of the stone band across the painting are symbols for the 7 heavenly bodies of ancient times, Sun, Saturn, Mercury, Mars, Venus, Jupiter and the Moon. Thoth is considered to be a moon good and shows his influence in the subconsciousness of humanity and the inner world.

On the right of the band are the symbols for the Seven Principles of Hermeticism. 

1. All is Mental, All is mind

2. Principle of Correspondence  - As above, So below, as within, so without

3. Principle of Vibration  - Everything vibrates

4. Principle of Polarity -  Positive and Negative states of energy and matter

5. Principle of Gender - Masculine and feminine energies exist in all things on all planes.

6. Principle of Rhythm - Cycles and rhythms are a part of nature

7. Principle of Cause and Effect - For every action their is a reaction.


: 100% Polyester cover .

: 100% Polyester pillow included .

: Double sided print .

: Concealed zipper