Kokopelli Wall Art Canvas Gallery Wrap Print Red Rock Southwestern Arizona Native American Desert Home Decor

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Kokopelli stands on top of a red rock cliff playing a native flute. The sound drifts down to the villagers who leap for joy. The coming of Kokopelli signifies that spring has come.

Seeds of maize fall to the ground out of Kokopelli's satchel ready to sprout into nourishing food for the local people.  His arrivial is a celebration as it means winter has ended and warmer happier times lie ahead.

On the cliff below him petroglyphs grace the red rock.  Off in the distance great pillars of red rock have visible energy fields set against a spiraling vortex sky.

This canvas has beautiful rich colors. Printing on the sides of the canvas gallery wrap with a mirror image gives the canvas an excellent appearance when viewed at an angle.

Size of this canvas is 10" x 20" x 1.5"